DB Export 33

Morton Coutts founded DB Export in 1958, as a response to Arnold Nordmeyer’s black budget. The brand was conceived as a result of Morton’s belief that one should ‘let nothing come between a man and a great beer’. The original beer (called DB Export Beer) was a full-bodied, easy drinking 5.35% lager; it was so good it won the title of best beer in the world in 1968. Over the coming decades, DB Export’s family grew. In 1987, Export Dry launched and DB Export was renamed Export Gold. Then in 1994, Export Dry stunned the beer world by being judged the best beer in the world, just as Export Gold had done twenty-six years earlier. Export 33 (low carb beer) launched in 2008 and is now the top selling low carb beer in New Zealand. To this day the Export family remains true to the vision of Morton Coutts: ‘export quality’ beer of a standard to rival the best premium lagers in the world, available at a fair price to any New Zealander.